Hostage Crewneck  (Pre-Sale)
  • Hostage Crewneck  (Pre-Sale)
  • Hostage Crewneck  (Pre-Sale)
  • Hostage Crewneck  (Pre-Sale)
  • Hostage Crewneck  (Pre-Sale)
  • Hostage Crewneck  (Pre-Sale)


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🚨 SOLD OUT! 🚨 The Hostage Crewneck pre-sale is presently CLOSED!

We had a very successful launch and may need to do a second pre-sale due to high demand. If you're interested in taking part, e-mail me at or DM me on IG (@mayamalkin), and I'll create a second order once we've hit the minimum print amount.

Hostage is the name of my first single, released last year. This crewneck is to celebrate all we managed to accomplish with the single!

20% of the proceeds will be going to the Canadian Women's Foundation to help them with their fight for gender equality and to support women who are suffering from gender-based violence.

HOW PRE-SALE WORKS: Once your order is placed, it is included in a batch of orders that will go to the print house, so the sweater can be printed. This is an environmentally and financially friendly way of doing things. I will only print as many sweaters as ordered! This is where I ask for your patience and compassion when it comes to the delivery of your package. Thank you so much! ♥️

TO BE NOTED: We are operating independently and deliveries may be affected by COVID-19 shipping delays that are out of our control.

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